Bubezi Controls, located in Conroe Texas, is an ISO 9001-2008 registered manufacturing company for hazardous location electrical control equipments. Bubezi Controls is audited to European Standard prEN 13980 for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Bubezi Controls manufactures the highest quality Multivoltage Pilot Lights, Pushbuttons and Selector Switches.

Bubezi Controls component operators are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, affording uncompromising quality compared to opposition aluminum equivalents. Bubezi operators are component certified to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, the IECEx sheme or "Zone System" and both North American "Class, Division" and "Zone System". The components are certified for both Gas and Dust groups, with an Ingress protection rating of IP66 and temperature rating ranging from T3 to T6.

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Our products endure the toughest environmental conditions in hazardous areas, such as:

  • • Oil refineries, rigs and processing plants
  • • Gas pipelines and distribution centers
  • • Chemical processing plants
  • • Sewage treatment plants
  • • Paper, textiles and printing industries
  • • Grain handling and storage plants
  • • Power plants
  • • Vessels and Ships
  • • Aircraft refueling and hangers
  • • Sugar refineries

Contact Us 11392 Ward Lane, Conroe, Texas, USA 77306


E-mail: hugo@bubezicontrols.com

For Sales Inquiries contact:
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